Thursday, August 06, 2009

Adoption....and friends!

This is Kami Johnson... We met her through our Liberian adoption. She and her husband are adopting two little boys through the same agency as us, Addy's Hope. God laid it on her heart and her husband's heart to raise money and build an orphanage for the orphans in Liberia. Specifically for the kids that are in Addy's Hope orphanage. They started the process in March 2009 and due to lots of hold-ups and snags they didn't get to complete it. We are really excited that they got to go after raising additional funds and complete the orphanage this past week. Steve got to meet Kami when he went to Colorado for a Wild at Heart Bootcamp in May and I so I was excited to get to meet her to on a layover she had in Atlanta.

We as couples are predicting that their James and our Serena will grow up and marry one day. We can't wait to be family! :)

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Bookworm said...

What a special story!