Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My computer is...

sucking the life out of me I think! It just dawned on me that I am spending too much time on the computer. I'm looking to it for some strange sense of community. It is not that I have much going on, on the computer. Really I just check email, and check email, and check email, and check email again. And I also check my sister's blog, and check it, and check it again. Isn't that sad? This is my life... But then again it isn't. My life is right here waiting for me, if I will just turn the computer off. So that is what I'm going to do. This week I'm going to limit computer time to, well I'm not sure, maybe once in the morning and once in the evening? Or maybe just in the evening. I think that might be better.

Well, Benjamin is fussing so I am going to probably, well, nurse again and put him to bed! I've also got a HUGE pot of oatmeal cooking on the stove. I like to have it cooked and ready in the fridge to reheat for quick meals. I seem to be hungry ALL the time and can't think of what to eat.

Okay gotta go. I'm turning the computer off now.

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