Sunday, February 08, 2009

St. Paul's Cathedral

Okay, so why the post on St.Paul's Cathedral? (Which is mind-boggling that this absolutely gorgeous building was constructed in the 1600's!!!!!)
Well, first of all before last week I'd never heard of it...or Christopher Wren. Sad huh? I read to Isaac each day out of a book called, "For Those Who Dare...101 Great Christians and How They Changed the World". Reading about Christopher Wren made a particular impact on me right now.
I've felt like my life is on hold so to speak ever since we started this adoption. I'm not sure what I can commit to, what I can go to, what things are going to look like in the coming months. At times I'm fine with this and other times I just want it to be over with. One way or the other, just over this time of not knowing!
I'll type in the part of the story about Christopher Wren that stood out to me:
"Wren had seen the building through to its finish. He had made his first sketch at age 33 and saw the final stone put in place when he was 79 years old. Most remarkable of all, Wren never became obsessed with his project. He still had time for a happy home life,, meeting with scientific friends and worshiping each week. He remained cheerful and polite despite the stress of being daily involved in one of the most difficult construction projects of all time."
So, for Christopher's whole life almost he was in the midst of an undone project in his life. Not that our adoption is a "project" but you know what I mean. I just felt God speak to me to not put my life on hold until Gidstina, Serena and Gideon come home. Life is today. Life is right now. This minute, this second, this moment. I shouldn't be waiting for anything but rather living fully in what God has given me today.
So, with that in mind, let me get back to my homeschool plan for the week!

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