Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sorry I've not been posting...

I've not been feeling good lately and it has caused me to stop doing just about anything other than the basics. And the basics around here is a LOT! So you can imagine blogging is not high on my priority list! Of course if we get really big news I'll definitely post! We are still waiting on that good news though.... waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting.... that is exactly how it feels. When I'm home I check my email at least once an hour and if I'm in the same room with my computer like every 10 minutes. I know it is crazy but I just can't wait to get that email saying the parents bio interview is scheduled and the case histories are done! That is what we are waiting for. Once those things are accomplished we make Steve's appt. to go and get the kids and their visas! It feels like those last few days of a pregnancy when each day drags ON and ON and ON or so it feels. These last few weeks/months of this adoption are dragging painfully on!

I told a friend tonight though that I am praying that God would do whatever would make him smile. I want him to be pleased and glorified. If that is the kids being home for the most fabulous Christmas presents ever or if it is them being home another time, whatever it is, I just want God to smile in Heaven when he looks upon us! May his Kingdom come!

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