Monday, October 27, 2008

About our new kids!

A mom who is in Liberia to pick up her daughter wrote this after spending some time with our kids in the orphanage:

"Serena, Gidstina, and Gideon are all loving. Gidstina always plays with other girls but never really the same girl. Gideon they say his name like Geo. At first he was shy and now everyday he is by Jana's side. He is a little guy and about 2 years old. He is always smiling. Serena is always smiling, love to have fun and very girly. She and Francis always play alot together. "

I can't describe how eager I am to love on these kids. They just seem like mine. My boys are always smiling, always happy, just as she describes Serena, Gidstina and Gideon. I have a feeling they are all going to fit together like puzzle pieces. I can't wait!

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~Bookworm~ said...

What wonderful and refreshing news to hear!

Thanks for sharing!!!!

Love and Joy in Jesus,