Sunday, September 21, 2008

The POWER of prayer!

We just had over a dear couple from Liberia and at the end of our time together the wife prayed for our adoption.  Picture Steve, Me, the wife Billie, the husband David, and Andrew all encircling my laptop which actually was sitting there because I had pulled up a picture of Gidstina praying/singing right before she ate.  So we are all standing holding hands in this circle including our 2 1/2 year old Andrew.  Billie who has the gift of prayer has been praying in tongues on and off throughout our evening.  It didn't phase me, I was really in awe.  I wondered if when she prayed for us she would pray in tongues.  But she didn't.  Biblically, Paul said that praying in tongues when your praying in a group setting like that isn't edifying because the other people can't understand.  So it was quite fitting that she prayed in English.  

She didn't just pray, she shook the house!  I can't really put words to it but at the end when we were talking about some people that have connections in the Liberian government and how they might could pull some strings for us, Billie said "It won't be necessary.  God's already done it".  And I have to say that I agree with her.  We are going to be seeing the Red Sea parted, that Red Sea starts over in Liberia and it ends in our home in Dacula, GA and we will see three small beautiful precious children, two girls with big brown eyes and curly eye lashes, and one little boy with a button nose and puppy dog eyes walk through it.  In fact, we will be carrying them.  And God will carry us all.

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