Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Girls Rom

This is the Girls Room, I still have frames to paint white and then put enlarged photos of flowers that I took at the Botanical Gardens in them. There room is a light pale pink, it is so pretty and their bespreads match perfectly. They are very soft and delicate looking. I think the room is just going to be beautiful... The bookcase I'm not sure about keeping in there. We moved it from the playroom in there to see if it would work. It is kind of tall and overpowering. I'd love some shorter shelves, maybe white shelves but I'm not sure. We really need to do what is cheapest so I'll probably need to make the big bookcase work.
This the start of a collection of chapter books that I think the girls would enjoy. I can't wait to read to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is the start of a wardrobe for them that I've mostly retreived out of garage sale donations or the thrift store. There is sizes 4-7 since I'm not sure what size they will wear. I only want to buy the basics now and buy more of what they need when they come home so I'll know for sure what size to buy.
These are their first dolls that I bought probably 6 months ago, early in the adoption process. I just couldn't help it!
This is a basket full of dress up clothes that I have collected mostly from the garage sale donations for them.

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