Sunday, September 21, 2008

Farewell garage sales...

They have been a wonderful way of making money but we have prayed and felt peace about bringing this garage sale season of our lives to an end. We've been having and storing things for garage sales since October of last year. That is almost a full year! God's glory has shined as he has provided such a beautiful way to raise money, people get rid of the stuff that is cluttering their lives and leading to low productivity (at least that is what clutter does to me :), other people are getting to buy stuff for a really good price, and we are getting cash to pay adoption expenses! It has been win-win-win! In my heart I had the number 3,000.00. That I didn't want to stop garage selling until we only had 3,000.00 to go.

After calculating what we have and what we need we landed at ruffly 3,000.00 left so that gave us the peace to go ahead and take what didn't sell this past weekend to goodwill and start cleaning out the garage. What we have decided is to still take donations as people give them and go through them for things we can sell on ebay/amazon or Craigs List but have no more garage sales. As soon as we made that decision we got a call from someone who has girls/boys clothes, toys and a pine lacquered dresser for us! We can take the kids stuff to Kid-to-Kid to get cash for them and we can sell the dresser on Craigs List! Praise God for his goodness!

Then we got a call from the family that has donated SO MUCH already that they have more!!!! And it is big items that we can sell on Craigs List!!!!! God is so good! And the bigger items aren't near as stressful as tons and tons of boxes to go through and cluttering the garage and putting out signs and all the work that goes in to the garage sales!

So that is the plan.

I was trying to think of ways that we could cut our own spending to put money towards the adoption expenses. I really feel convicted that we waste too much and buy things we don't need! Mind you, I consider myself a frugal spender.  My children's clothes come from the thrift store, if I buy children's books (My weakness) they come from the thrift store and only on 1/2 price day, I shop at Wal-mart for 90 percent of our groceries, etc.etc.  But even within this so called "frugality" I'm sure my purchases at times are too often out of want and not need, convenience rather than necessity.  We are about to start reading a book on the missionary George Muller. He lived and ran an orphanage for 100's of children on total faith. He never worked a job to make money and God provided all his needs and the needs of the children. I know that my conviction and the reading of this book at this time are no coincidence.

After talking to Steve about this he really feels burdened that we need to pay off our debt, starting with the van. My idea was to do a cash system this month and see how much we can save for the next 4 weeks. And then put that saved money to the adoption. It's like my effort I guess of getting the money rather than trusting God to provide it. If I was to follow my husband's lead I should have been doing my idea all along to bless my husband and alleviate the weight he bears of our debt. So this is convicting.

I trust God is going to provide regardless. And it won't be through my effort.

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