Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An assortment of creatures

This is one of several "triops" we have. You buy a little kit (3.99) and it comes with eggs, food, instructions, and water conditioner. The eggs hatch into these strange little creatures. The kids have enjoyed watching them do their "water acrobatics". I think they are so weird, but cool at the same time.
We are studying insects in science this year and we went one day on a bug hunt walk in the forest. It was so fun! The boys turned over a log and they found bess bug beetles! They are fascinating little creatures that eat rotting wood (and their own poopy....yuck!). All I have to do every day is spray the little aquarium with water. The boys love picking him up and showing him to our unsuspecting guests....especially when that guest is a GIRL!

And of course I had to include a picture of our little gerbil friends. Poor fish, they got left out of the photography exhibit! We sure do enjoy our 10 gallon aquarium though. Unfortunately it is kind of neat when a fish or two dies and we get to go pick out a new one! :) :)

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