Friday, September 19, 2008


Can you believe we made 1,022.00 dollars today at our garage sale! Go God! :) :) He has been so good to provide for our adoption... So even after today we still have a lot of stuff to sale! Look at the after picture:

It was really cool that one of the families that bought several things from us, when they came back later in the afternoon to pick up a piece of furniture their 14 year old son helped me get all the tables in the garage and the lady helped me get some of the other bigger items in. At that point I was beyond exhuastion and SO thankful for the help! There were times today that I felt I couldn't move I was so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what we had to go through, put out, than re-organize and bring back in the garage. These things are a LOT of work! But such a great way to raise money-so I'm not complaining!!!!! :) :)

I'll post again after tomorrow's sale...

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